Cancellation Policy

All cancellation requests must be submitted to our Business Head of Romin Interactive. You must submit your cancellation requests by email. Once submitted, It will be approved by our team and will be considered as accepted when you receive a reply to your request.

  • We take the minimum of 1 weeks to process the cancellation request.
  • Cancellation of a project is based on service level agreement, as agreed with you while starting the project.
  • Once a project is released for alpha/beta delivery to stakeholders of a client, cannot be canceled.
  • In event of cancellation of project mutually decided between you & our team, you have to pay for efforts invested in the project up to the date of cancellation.
  • Source Code, Design or any other material related to project will not be delivered if payment is not settled by the client.

Delivery Policy

Being in a service business, the products and/or service delivered to our client are in the form of intangible things. So, nothing is misplaced in physical form in our deliverables are in form of designs file, software code & compiled application. These deliverable are delivered to you in form of electronic files using our collaboration tool (“Asana”) or email. Thereafter you have to save a copy of delivered electronic files on your server or on any storage media. Up to 30 days from delivery date Romin Interactive can re-deliver the electronic files to you, thereafter we don't own the responsibility. However, we do have a service to keep your AMC going-on with us